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Bears Deluxe

We worked with the Bears Deluxe project founder PixelMage to create 6,900 3D versions of Bears Deluxe

This will be a brief overview of making the Bears Deluxe collection. We had to create a few plugins to convert the pixel art into an animated 3D NFT collection. Starting with getting the meta data and the reference files. 

These are the original bears on Open Sea. They are a super cool bunch of NFTs with a great community, we planned out the collection.  Started by researching the possible combination issues, and other things that could come up while bringing the pixel collection to 3D.

We built an up scaler to get more resolution for our reference images. Then we went ahead to make concept art and we used code to generate the blender file setup so the artists can get to work efficiently.

This is an example of the clothing files and the results in Blender. We go ahead and make all the necessary files.

There are a lot of steps in between to get here, but when all the assets are done the generator can do its magic. We rendered out 6900 bears as 3D files (GLB files) Then we can do a check to see the match. Below we have model 1577, which is a Koala in a red tank top with brown glasses. 

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