Check out some of our projects. 

franken monsters

10000 Franken Monsters on ETH

We did a large scale, 3D generated collection for Delivery on OpenSea, it consisted of 120 separate layers, and 8 different Monster skins with emotions.

Jmitch Collection

10000 Metaverse Football Players 

From 3D scanning, to concepts we make a low poly light weight hd Football Player Collection for the branding guide for our client. 

Bears Deluxe Collection

Bears Deluxe 3D

Developed a Multi thousand collection for a 1/1 2d - 3d collection from an original ethereum NFT collection. 

bitmatoes OG 3D

OG 3D voxel collection on Solana

The OG bitmatoes were launched at a hackathon in Miami April 2022, at the Solana Hacker house. One of the first 3d pfps ever on Magic Eden.

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